(1) Shipped by UPS

(2) DAP delivery address according to INCOTERMS® 2020

Shipping costs

(1) For delivery within Germany we calculate the shipping costs flat rate with 15,00 €

(2) For delivery within EU we calculate the shipping cost flat rate with 25,00 €

Terms of delivery

(1) Delivery dates agreed to in the contract are not binding dates unless the parties have expressly agreed in writing that this is to be the case. With regard to the delivery, a delay shall only be deemed to have occurred if, following the expiry of the announced delivery date, an appropriate additional extension of time which has been given in writing has also passed without delivery taking place.

(2) The delivery period as indicated by us shall commence when the buyer has fulfilled all of his contractual duties in a timely and orderly manner. The defence of non-performance remains reserved.

(3) If the buyer defaults in accepting or culpably fails to fulfil other obligations of cooperation we shall be entitled to claim for compensation for damage including possible additional expenses. The right to claim additional indemnities remains reserved. If aforesaid conditions are given, the risk of an accidental loss or an accidental degradation of the goods devolves to the buyer at the time, the buyer has come into default of acceptance or debtor’s default.

(4) Legal claims and rights of the buyer based on a delay in delivery remain unaffected. We shall be held liable only in the case of proven culpability. The compensation shall be limited to the damage which is to be expected in the normal course of things, and shall be limited to the amount of the contract price.